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Chapter 100: Improper Relationship 2

Lijuan couldn’t fathom that such an excellent man was with Xiulan. It looked like Xiulan was deliberately sent back to the production team, so she was immediately jealous.

Jianguo liked Xiulan, which was enough to make other girls jealous. But in the end, she turned her head around to hook up with a better man.

Why is this bitch so lucky?!

Lijuan walked up to Xiulan with jealousy and after taking a look at Cheng, she asked, “Xiulan, who is this guy?”

Xiulan didn’t expect that she would run into Lijuan when Cheng sent her back, but she didn’t feel guilty at all. She glanced at Lijuan and replied lightly, “Why should I tell you? What does it have to do with you?”

Lijuan was annoyed by Xiulan’s dragging attitude. She gritted her teeth and said fiercely, “Of course, you have to tell me or I will go to the team leader to report you for having an improper relationship with a man! Cuihua also saw it. You were sitting in the back seat of someone else’s bicycle just now!”

Zhao Xiulan just sneered at her. “Lijuan, is there a hole in your brain? You’re going to report me for having an improper relationship with a man like this? I didn’t do anything out of line, okay?! I didn’t know that sitting in the back seat of a man’s bicycle is already considered as having an improper relationship with him.

“Heh! You and your mother used to ride on the ox cart of another old man, so that means that the two of you also had improper relationships with that old man, right?”

Lijuan was dumbfounded by Xiulan’s attack.

“You… you—” 

“What? Can’t talk anymore? You don’t need to find fault with me. It’s better if you can be honest, otherwise, I will also go to the team leader to report you for not taking your work seriously and you are just being lazy. If he doesn’t let you herd the cattle again, then let’s see who you’re going to cry to!”

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With Xiulan’s threat, Lijuan tried to be much more honest this time. Although she was very jealous of Xiulan, she didn’t dare to make too much fuss.

She was really lazy and if Xiulan complained to the team leader, she would definitely not get this task anymore and would be assigned a very tough task again just like before.

She didn’t want that.

Cheng just watched all of this from the side. He originally thought that Xiulan was a gentle, kind, and weak girl, but when he saw how she hated Lijuan, he realized that she seemed to be a bit tough.

However, in his eyes, Xiulan was more authentic, interesting, and charming in this way.

“Comrade Jiang, we’ve arrived already, so you can go back now. Be careful on the road!” Xiulan said to Cheng with a smile. Her cold face suddenly softened. She changed her facial expression faster than turning a page in a book.

Cheng nodded at her. “Comrade Xiulan, I’m sorry for causing you trouble today.”

Xiulan knew that he was referring to Lijuan, so she smiled and replied, “Well, she is not worthy, so just ignore her.”


After watching him leave, Xiulan turned around and walked back to the production team.

During this period of the summer harvest, the production team was rushing to harvest all the crops. Since there was still time in the afternoon, she went to Gensheng to ask for a job and she was given the task to harvest rice for the afternoon.

Xiuzhu was assigned the task of cutting hogweed, but that day, she accidentally stepped on a tree stump on the mountain and hurt her foot. Her sole now had a big wound. Fortunately, it was not too deep, otherwise, the whole foot would be useless. Even if her injury was not very serious, she still had to recuperate at home for a few days and could no longer go to work for now.

The conditions of the Zhao family were not good. Except for Lijuan’s mother-daughter pair, Xiulan and Xiuzhu were wearing very shabby clothes. Xiuzhu injured her foot and accidentally broke her shoe as well, so she had no shoes to wear at home now.

Xiulan had shoes but if she gave them to her sister, they would not fit as they were bigger.

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