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Chapter 59: Li Lijuan Steals Other People’s Foodstuff 3

Upon realizing that he was going to lose five yuan, Weiguo was immediately astonished.

Five yuan?

His family only had a total of ten-yuan savings. If he gave them five yuan, then their family’s savings would be half-emptied.

Their life was already tight and every dime was being saved. Since he would take out five yuan at once for this incident because of Lijuan, this loss was really huge.

When Lijuan heard that she was going to be sent to the public security, she cried in fright, “Mom, help me! I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t want to be a bad element!”

When she became a bad element of society, she would probably have no face to live in the production team in the future. She still wanted to meet with other people and she didn’t want to be discriminated against or bullied.

Yumei helped Lijuan to beg for help, “Weiguo, why don’t you give the five yuan to them? Lijuan is still young and ignorant, so if she will be sent to public security, then she will be ruined. In this case, we will all be treated as bad elements, our family will never have a good life, and we will all have to suffer together!”

Weiguo originally didn’t want to give away this money. Lijuan deserved any kind of punishment for what she did, but when he thought that her crime might affect the Zhao family, he decided that this money would have to be taken out even if he didn’t want to.

He was distressed by losing this money, so he glared at Lijuan even more angrily, and finally took the money and gave it to those men.

The men only stopped after they got the money, and they didn’t make a big deal of the matter anymore.

After waiting for the outsiders to leave, Weiguo immediately yelled at Lijuan, “Kneel!”

Lijuan knew that she had done something wrong, and coupled with Weiguo’s loud voice, she shook her legs in fright and knelt on the floor.

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Weiguo asked her angrily, “You! Give me a good explanation, why did you go to steal their foodstuff, huh?”

She sobbed aggrievedly and then pointed angrily at Xiulan, who was watching the excitement. “Xiulan asked me to go to the county seat to beg for foodstuff. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t go there and steal other people’s foodstuff because I couldn’t get any foodstuff at all, so everything was her fault!”

Xiulan was impressed by how bizarre her mind worked. This girl’s ability to throw dirty water at someone was really powerful.

It was a pity that Lijuan had run into her because she was actually not a good person as well. Seeing Lijuan shirking her responsibility, Xiulan said coldly, “Lijuan, what does this matter have to do with me? Didn’t you say that it’s no big deal to go to the county seat to beg for foodstuff? You also went there all by yourself. When did I become the one who asked you to beg?

“You don’t have the ability to beg for foodstuff. And even if you can’t get any, I didn’t force you to steal, right? It’s fine if you don’t reflect on this matter well, but why do you still put the blame on others?

“Fortunately, they only wanted money and didn’t send you to public security, otherwise, our family would have to be implicated by you and become bad elements. In the future, I am afraid that we will become a joke in the entire production team and be looked down upon!”

Yumei originally wanted to defend her daughter with a few words, but after realizing that this would also implicate her, she was also a little dissatisfied with Lijuan, so she didn’t have the heart to speak for her anymore.

She felt even more distressed when she thought of the five yuan that was paid to those men.

If they kept this money, it could be spent on her in the future. It was all because of Lijuan that this money was wasted so much in vain.

Weiguo’s face was dark, but he was still calm. After listening to Xiulan’s words, he even scolded Lijuan again, “Xiulan is right. If you do something wrong, you have to reflect on it first. Don’t always think about blaming others. No one teaches you how to be a thief and steal from others.

“Today, our family suffered such a big loss because of you. You have to work harder for me in the future. You have to make up for the lost money! If you are lazy and complain again, and when you don’t do your job well, you will get out of our Zhao family.

“Also, you should reflect on your bad actions, so you won’t have dinner today!”

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