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Chapter 58: Li Lijuan Steals Other People’s Foodstuff 2

After saying that, Yumei stretched out her claws and hit the men’s body a few times. She pulled Lijuan to her and asked with concern, “Lijuan, why are you like this? Tell Mom, what happened? Did these men beat you?”

When Lijuan faced her mother, she was full of grievances and suddenly burst into tears.

Yumei was horrified when her daughter wailed like that. She yelled at the men again, “What did you do to my daughter? You beat my daughter like this, let’s see if I don’t report it to the public security and arrest you all!”

The man in the lead snorted coldly. “Comrade, we did use our hands on your daughter, but you have to know what your daughter did first for us to beat her.

“She didn’t learn well at a young age. She actually learned how to be a thief, steal things, and hit an old woman.

“If it weren’t for the help of several neighbors who were at home today, she would have stolen my family’s foodstuff!

“Today, we came here to ask you, as her parents, how do you usually educate your daughter?!”

As the man said that, he also recounted the story of Lijuan’s stealing their foodstuff today, especially her actions against his old mother, which was the most unbearable thing for him.

Yumei was a little dumbfounded upon hearing that.

What did he just say?

My daughter went to be a thief and stole their foodstuff?

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If anyone did this kind of thing in this era, they would be scolded to death. Especially once they were caught and the public security determined it to be true, they would become bad elements, they would have bad social status, and they would be discriminated against and bullied by others.

This damn girl, she wouldn’t really do this kind of thing, right?

“What nonsense are you talking about? My daughter is very honest, so how could she do such a thing?” Yumei refuted angrily, but she seemed to lack confidence.

When Weiguo heard what happened, he also felt that the matter was very grave. With a serious face, he asked the man who had just spoken, “Comrade, you probably made a mistake. Although this child is usually a little bit temperamental, she would not do that kind of thing. Is there any misunderstanding in the middle?”

The man snorted lightly. “Of course, there is no mistake! I can still bring several witnesses who will tell you the same thing. If you don’t believe it, you can ask this girl yourself if what I said is true or not!”

Weiguo looked at the man’s straight and vigorous manner, and thought that he couldn’t be lying, so he looked at Lijuan and questioned her, “Lijuan, what this comrade said, is it true? Did you really steal their foodstuff?”

Lijuan didn’t say anything in response, she just kept crying instead.

With that, both Weiguo and Yumei already understood that the man was not talking nonsense. Lijuan really ran out and stole other people’s foodstuff.

Weiguo was very angry. Lijuan’s temperament was usually not very good, but he didn’t care too much about it. After all, she was still young, but this matter was so serious now that he felt that he must educate her well.

But educating her would have to be postponed for now, as he first needed to give an explanation to those men who came to their house.

So, he quickly apologized and said that he would educate her well. What happened today was indeed her fault.

The man didn’t give up so easily, so he said, “Today’s incident caused my old mother to be injured. We would not ask for anything else, but I hope that you can compensate us for five yuan, so this matter can be forgotten, otherwise, I will bring this girl to the public security!”

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