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Chapter 89: Give a New Pot to Mrs. Chen 3

Although Xiulan also felt that it was a bit expensive, that was the price in this era and there was no bargaining when buying things, so she could only pay this amount.

“Okay, then give it to me!” She took out four yuan and a twenty-yuan industrial coupon from her pocket.

Originally, the shop assistant thought that Xiulan couldn’t get money and industrial coupon. After all, she was a country bumpkin who couldn’t even afford soap last time. How can she afford an iron pot this time?

But seeing the money and coupons that Xiulan took out, the shop assistant knew that she was really wrong this time.

The shop assistant took the money and coupon and gave the change of sixteen-yuan industrial coupons to Xiulan. After that, she packed the pot and handed it to Xiulan.

Xiulan carried the pot and went directly to the Chens’ house.

Mrs. Chen didn’t expect Xiulan to come over. She was very happy and hurriedly pulled Xiulan into the house to sit down.

Xiulan refused to go in and just handed the pot to her.

“Auntie Chen, I won’t sit down. I still have something to do now. I just came here today to give you this pot.”

Mrs. Chen couldn’t speak for a while when she saw the brand-new pot handed over by Xiulan.

Why is this girl so caring?

It’s probably when she had a meal here last time. She saw the bad condition of our pot when I cooked the dumplings, so she really kept it in my mind.

It’s really rare to see such a good kid.

Not considering whether the thing Xiulan gave them was valuable or not, but what Mrs. Chen really appreciated was her kind heart.

Mrs. Chen also knew that it was not cheap to buy a pot at the supply and marketing cooperative and the most important thing was that she had to pay with industrial coupons as well.

“Xiulan, what do you want me to say now? How can I accept it just like that?” Mrs. Chen was a little embarrassed to accept the pot.

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“Auntie Chen, you don’t have to be polite to me. I already bought this pot, so you can just take it.”

Mrs. Chen really needed this pot, but she didn’t want Xiulan to suffer any loss, so she nodded and decided to accept it. “All right, I won’t be polite to you then and will accept it. Xiulan, wait a minute, I will get you something!”

She carried the iron pot to the house. When she came out, she took a small box in her hand and stuffed it into Xiulan’s hand.

“Xiulan, this is from my heart. You can take it with you. Otherwise, I won’t accept your iron pot anymore!”

Xiulan opened the box and saw that it contained a pair of white jade bracelets, an emerald hairpin, and a diamond necklace.

The necklace was set with yellow diamonds. Although it was not as big as the diamonds on the diamond ring of Mr. Chen’s classmate before, it was also quite big. The main thing was that the workmanship was good and the necklace was very exquisite.

If these pieces of jewelry were exchanged for money, it would cost a lot of money.

She just gave a pot, but Mrs. Chen gave so many good things in exchange.

So, she hurriedly refused, “Auntie Chen, these things are too expensive. I can’t accept them!”

Mrs. Chen didn’t take back the jewelry box. With a straight face, she said to Xiulan, “This girl, I am not polite to you, so you can’t be polite to me as well. Last time, you left us vinegar and hot sauce. If you don’t take these things, then I will return all the things you gave to us instead!”

“But Auntie, the things I gave you are much cheaper than the ones you gave me!”

“Hey, Xiulan, don’t think that I don’t know. These things were only valuable before and are not as precious as grains and iron pots now. Just please take them since you know their worth!”

Xiulan didn’t know what to say to refuse her anymore, so she nodded and responded, “Okay, Auntie, I’ll take this. If you need anything else, then please tell me. I will try my best to get them for you.”

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