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Chapter 87: Give a New Pot to Mrs. Chen 1

Earning more work points meant that they would get more food at the end of the year. After all, Xiulan was willing to endure hardship and continue to shovel pig shit, all for their family.

Weiguo only felt that he owed more and more to his eldest daughter.

He made a promise to himself that he would take good care of her in the future.

However, Xiulan’s thoughts were totally different from what Weiguo was thinking.

She insisted on shoveling pig manure merely because she thought that it was quiet in the pigsty and she didn’t need to have more contact with other people in the production team. So, it was convenient for her to do some things ‘sneakily’.

At the same time, she also liked the two children, Xiaoya and Tiedan, very much. It was easier to work with them than to work with adults. The world of children was very simple, unlike being together with the adults, where there would inevitably be some bickering.

Because she was going to the county seat, Xiulan went to bed early.

Working in the pigsty these days, although it was a bit tiring and stinky, was actually beneficial compared to other jobs.

For example, staying in the pigsty could at least cover the sun above your head. You didn’t have to do other tasks that would expose you to the sun, which would turn your skin dark and rough.

Xiulan took out some cosmetics in the space to take care of her skin, so after two days of maintenance and recovery, her skin condition improved a lot.

Her skin was not so rough anymore. It became much more delicate and a lot whiter.

The most important thing was that she was able to have good meals much better than before during this time. She got more nutrition from her meals, so she gained a little bit more weight.

In the 21st century, everyone would pursue slimness. Being thin would really give you good looks, but if you were too thin, you would look like a stick person that didn’t look good at all.

Just like what Xiulan had done before, she became skinny and her complexion was not good-looking. So this time, after this period of recuperation, she finally became a bit plump.

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Her complexion was no longer sallow and her hair had become jet black and smoother, unlike when she just transmigrated, where it looked like withered grass.

Before going to sleep, she put on a facial mask. Since she was too tired after a whole day of work in the pigsty, she fell asleep right away.

She got up early the next day and her luck was pretty good today. She hadn’t walked for two miles yet and she met an old man who was driving an ox cart and was going to the county seat. She greeted him and the old man asked her to get on the ox cart.

This era was different from the 21st century. There were no human traffickers and there were not so many bad guys, so it was relatively safe.

Comparing it to the 21st century, if a stranger asked you to get in his car, she would definitely not dare to get in. 

The old man was going to work in the county seat.

Like ordinary workers, the old man’s hungry face and thin muscles were all caused by a lack of foodstuff to eat.

If it weren’t for the foodstuffs in her space, Xiulan would probably not have a good time in this era as well.

After taking the ox cart, it took an hour to get to the county seat which was faster than usual. The most important thing was that she was not tired.

Unlike before, every time she walked for three hours to go to the county seat, she was tired and sweaty, and she was almost exhausted and would collapse at any time.

After getting out of the ox cart, Xiulan thanked the old man and she also took out two white steamed buns from the space and stuffed them directly into the old man’s hands.

The old man was a little surprised when he saw the steamed buns she handed over to him. “Girl, what do you mean by this?”

“Grandpa, go ahead and eat them. You brought me to the county seat today. This is what I should repay you, so please take them!”

The old man felt the softness and warmth of the white steamed buns and he also smelled the seductive scent of these buns, so he couldn’t stop swallowing saliva into his stomach.

For such a good thing, the old man couldn’t say anything to refuse in the end.

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