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Chapter 81: Zhao Xiulan Is Targeted 1

Seeing that Lijuan was restrained, Xiulan felt a lot more comfortable.

At the same time, Xiulan was a little grateful to Jinhua for her help. Jinhua’s ability to scold someone was almost more powerful than her, and Lijuan didn’t even dare to say a damn thing.

In the end, Jianguo couldn’t lend the sickle to others anymore, so he hurriedly grabbed it.

After a busy afternoon, Xiulan’s hands were also sore from pulling the rice stalks. The production team had too few farm tools. If more could be purchased, the people would not only suffer less but also improve the efficiency of the harvest.

When they returned back home, Lijuan started crying in front of her mother.

Previously, Yumei could still run to Weiguo and say something, like telling him to stop having her daughter go to work.

But since Lijuan caused trouble last time, Yumei didn’t want to say anything to Weiguo now.

If she really did, she didn’t have to think about it, because Weiguo would definitely get angry, not only with Lijuan but with her as well.

She could only comfort her daughter with a few words and didn’t say anything else.

For the next two days, Xiulan did not go to the county seat and stayed on the production team to work and help with the harvest.

Firstly, the production team was too busy since it was the harvest season. And secondly, she didn’t want to show up on the black market too often.

When it came to working on the production team, she would get up early in the morning to get ready for work.

However, Lijuan got up early as well this time which was really rare. She noticed that something seemed to be wrong with Lijuan today because she was looking at her with gloating eyes.

She didn’t understand what was going on with Lijuan until she went to get a task for that day.

Now was the time when the whole production team was hurrying the harvest for the crops, and the team leader, Liu Gensheng, still had to deal with other things such as purchasing farm tools and communicating about the harvested crops delivery, so he went to the county seat early in the morning.

In Gensheng’s absence, the tasks in the production team were originally planned to be handed over to Jianguo to distribute. But that day, it was not Jianguo who came to arrange the tasks of the team members, but Liu Lanlan instead, who was Gensheng’s daughter.

Lanlan was the fattest girl on the production team. Because the Liu family had a good family condition and they could all eat well, compared to the rest of the family on the team. In addition, Gensheng spoiled his daughter a lot and fed Lanlan everything that was good, until she became so fat.

Xiulan took a closer look at her. Although she was fat, her facial features were very good. If she lost weight, she could be considered a beautiful woman.

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Lanlan took the workbook and began to record and assign tasks to the production team members.

“Wang Chaoying, you’ll pick up the harvested rice stalks!

“Li Weihong, go and cut rice stalks.

“Blah blah blah…”

When it was Lijuan’s turn, Lanlan asked her to herd the cattle.

The work of herding cattle was much easier than that of cutting rice, so Lijuan was very happy to receive this easy task.

Normally, she would have no choice but to do whatever task Gensheng assigned to her. She also didn’t have a chance to be lazy. Now that she got an easy task, she would not be tired of herding cattle. She could rest and relax when the cattle were grazing on the side.

However, Weiguo was very dissatisfied when he saw Lijuan receiving the task of herding cattle because she would get very few work points for doing it, but he couldn’t say anything about the distribution of the tasks in the production team.

When it was Xiulan’s turn, Lanlan glanced at her with some disgust and said with hostility in her eyes, “Zhao Xiulan, you are responsible for shoveling pig manure in the pigsty.”

Shoveling pig manure was a smelly and dirty task. Although it was not tiring and had a lot of work points, few people in the production team were willing to do it.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of work was directly thrown to the Jiang family or those who want to earn high work points. The team leader usually sought the member’s opinions first. If the member was unwilling to do this task, then he would not arrange it for him. He would arrange it only if the member was willing to do it.

The production team had never arranged for a young girl like Xiulan to shovel pig manure.

Before Xiulan said anything, Jinhua couldn’t help but stand up for her and complained, “Lanlan, when does Xiulan ever do the job of shoveling pig manure? Why don’t you change her task instead?”

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