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Chapter 5: Blow Wind Past His Ear

When Xiulan heard that, her nose became sore. These siblings did not receive their mother’s love and their father was a henpecked husband to his new wife. They had really suffered a lot in the past few years.

She stuffed a boiled egg into Xiuzhu’s hand. “You can eat it now, Xiuzhu. With your older sister here, I will definitely make you live a good life. In the future, I will make you full even if I beg for food.”

“Okay!” Hearing Xiulan’s words, Xiuzhu didn’t have any doubts. She believed that her sister would definitely be able to do what she just said. As long as she could fill her stomach in the future, everything would be fine.

The two sisters peeled the boiled eggs and ate them. The smooth and tender eggs were undoubtedly a delicacy for the hungry sisters.

After eating, Xiulan instructed Xiuzhu to throw the eggshells away and dispose of them.

Then, she lay back on the bed again to rest.

While no one was around, she secretly took out a glass of water from the space and an antipyretic medicine.

Her body was burning so badly and it was not okay to just let it be, because she herself would have to suffer.

After eating a boiled egg, she was not full yet, so she took out a little bit of plain rice porridge from the space and gobbled it into her stomach.

The original owner’s stomach had not taken any greasy foods for a long time, so eating meat would be too much for her now. She could only eat these kinds of light food for the meantime.

After taking the medicine and having a full meal, Xiuzhu felt a lot better. She lay on the bed and slept for another day.

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Early the next morning, her fever subsided and she gained some strength on her body.

She had been lying down for so long and her body was a little sore, so she got off the bed and went out to move.

Upon seeing her came out, Lijuan squinted her eyes and said angrily, “Yoh! Someone finally knows how to get up now, huh? I thought you will still continue hiding in your room and do not want to work!”

However Xiulan just ignored her and thought that talking to such a person was a waste of her time.

Being directly ignored by Xiulan, Lijuan gritted her teeth even more angrily.

“Xiulan, are you feeling better now?” asked Zhao Weiguo, who also came out of the other room and saw his eldest daughter.

Xiulan responded with a faint voice. She didn’t have a good impression of this new father, who was a henpecked husband.

Weiguo glanced at her and said, “Xiulan, since you are in good health now, then you should take care of the chores here at home. Your Auntie Mei is pregnant and it is inconvenient for her to move around.”

After listening to her father’s words, Xiulan knew that Yumei had definitely gone to Weiguo’s bedside to blow wind past his ears1吹耳边风 – Wind past your ear – Listened to the words without taking it to heart; words you don’t pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other and accused her of being lazy and not doing household chores.

This father didn’t know that he was partial to his biological daughter, but greatly favored Yumei’s mother-daughter pair. She was really speechless for his attitude.

Now that she had prepared a plan, she had to let Weiguo stand by her side slowly.

“Hmm, I understand, Dad. I had a high fever for the past two days and I still feel a little unwell. If I can help with the chores, I will definitely help.” Xiulan made a weak and pitiful appearance.

Weiguo saw his daughter’s pale face and weak body, and suddenly felt that he was a bit too much.

He knew that his daughter was a sensible girl and she usually did a lot of chores at home. It was only because she was sick, so she couldn’t do housework for now. However, Yumei told him that this daughter was a slacker. Thinking of this, he had a little more opinion on his wife.

“If you’re still not feeling well, then you should rest! After you’ve rested enough, then you can do the housework again,” Weiguo said something thoughtful which was rare and then he gave an order to his stepdaughter, “Lijuan, you’ll take care of the housework for the next few days and cook our meals!”

When Lijuan heard his instructions to do the housework, she immediately became unhappy. Her mouth pouted very high and complained, “Uncle Zhao… Xiulan has always cooked for us, so why should I do it now?”

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