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Chapter 3: Changed Person

Xiulan looked at the mother-daughter pair who sang the same tune.

The original owner did not dare to deal with them, but it was different now, because she was not that weak to be bullied easily.

Fighting back the pain in her head, she snarled at Lijuan, “Hmph! Lijuan, don’t talk nonsense, when did I become a bad person?

“Considering the social status from my father’s side, we are the third generation of poor peasants in our Zhao family, and I am also a Genzheng Miaohong!1根正苗红 – Genzheng Miaohong – root is red and the seedling is right – which means people from a good family. A specific term during the Cultural Revolution which meant that someone came from a good family. At that time, the good standard was that there were three generations of poor peasants in the family, and it had nothing to do with the bourgeoisie, landlord class and other classes that needed to be overthrown. In a classy family, no matter how you are, you will always be looked down upon by others. You will not share in good things, and you will be the first to think of bad things, which is very unfortunate. The so-called “root red” means that the family has a good background, such as the children of workers, poor and lower-middle peasants, and the military. The so-called “Miao Zheng” means “born in the new China and raised under the red flag” and is not influenced by old ideas.

“In addition, when did I get lazy and stop working? Lijuan, do you dare to go to the production team leader’s place with me and compare our work points to see who has more work points and who is the lazy one?

“Do I still have to cook for you even if I have a high fever? Why don’t you do it yourself?

“If you don’t want to cook or go to work, then what? Do you just want to eat and order the others to serve you? It’s you who should be punished and educated!”

Both Lijuan and Yumei were a little astounded by that attack.

Normally, Xiulan couldn’t even let out a single fart around them, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to bully and knead her. They wondered why was she so eloquent today.

They thought, was she still that same Zhao Xiulan from before?

After being stunned for a moment, Yumei became even more angry. She pointed at Xiulan and scolded her, “Whoa! Xiulan, so you’re tough now, huh? You dare to yell in front of me now?

“A lazy girl who doesn’t want to work, see if I can’t take care of you!”

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Before her fist came over, Xiulan warned her coldly, “Auntie Mei, if you have the ability, then go ahead and hit me. At worst, this is just making a fuss. However, let me ask you this. Lijuan pushed me into the river and attempted to murder me, so how do you regard this matter?

“It caused me to have a fever and get sick. So how can I be so willing to cook for you now?!”

After Xiulan finished speaking, Lijuan’s face paled for a moment. “You… Xiulan, what are you talking about? When did I push you into the river, when did I deliberately kill you…”

In this era, murder was also a big crime and this would get you to jail. Lijuan was still young and she didn’t want to go to jail.

“Lijuan, do you think that not admitting to it will give you an advantage? I was rescued by someone and that person saw that you pushed me into the river.

“If you quibble and if the worst comes to worst, I’ll report this case to the police. Anyway, there is a witness, so I believe that the law will give me a fair execution result.

“Attempted murder is enough to lock you up for decades!”

Xiulan dropped some powerful words which made Lijuan even more frightened. The aura of Xiulan in front of her was frightening, so how could she dare to say anything else?

Although Yumei was furious, she was also afraid that Xiulan would really cause trouble. She also didn’t want her daughter to have a lawsuit, be caught, and go to jail.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and gave Xiulan a fierce look. “You shrew! Don’t eat if you don’t want to cook! Just stay in this room, let’s see how long you can last.”

After speaking, Yumei rushed out of the room in a furious rage. Lijuan glanced at Xiulan and quickly followed her mother out.

After this weird mother-daughter pair went out, Xiulan lay back on the bed with her weak body.

After sleeping for a day, when they mentioned about lunch, she felt very hungry.

Fortunately, there was enough supplies in her space. So, even if Yumei would not give her anything to eat, she was not afraid of starving to death.

Xiuzhu stepped forward and asked worriedly, “Sister, how are you? Are you feeling better now?”

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